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30 years in the making – a global revolution

UltraSTEEL®, the process patented by Hadley Group, is a revolutionary cold rollforming technology with numerous uses that has transformed product efficiency and reduced costs for a wealth of industries internationally.

The product of 30 years' advanced in-house research and development, UltraSTEEL® was launched in 1982 and awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise Innovation soon after in 2006. Today it continues to shape the use of cold rolled metals throughout a wide range of sectors and across a multitude of applications. Inherently stronger and greener by design, the UltraSTEEL® process drives down material costs for customers without compromising the performance capabilities of the metal.

"30 years of research and development underpin the performance benefits of our UltraSTEEL® process. Its tremendous uptake and global adoption embody the spirit of innovation, technical expertise and quest for excellence that differentiate Hadley Group."

Professor Diane Mynors, Head of the School of Engineering and Informatics, University of Sussex.

In fact, so impressive are the sustainability advantages of Hadley's UltraSTEEL® process that a number of Hadley Steel Framing products have been selected to feature in the construction of what promises to be a model of green urban development - Abu Dhabi's iconic Masdar City.

UltraSTEEL® took 30 years to pioneer and perfect: adds up to 20% more strength; and saves up to 20% raw materials.

Over 1 billion metres of UltraSTEEL® is produced on over 300 rolling lines globally by some of the world's most respected brands.

Request a free UltraSTEEL® metal sample and experience the difference first hand.

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