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At Overeem, we started roll forming metal profiles many years ago. Because of Overeem's knowledge and experience on the matter, Overeem has now become Hadley Group's European headquarters. Hadley Group is another roll forming specialist that has several manufacturing facilities in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the United States.

At Overeem, we develop and produce metal profiles and components -with a unique roll forming process that makes them 20% stronger, while using 20% less raw materials- for customers in several markets.


Roll forming: one of the most versatile and productive manufacturing methods ever devised for forming metal

Roll forming is the production of a profile from metal strip in a continuous process. The material passes through a number of stations where sets of rollers give it the required form.

Various processing steps can be integrated into the line, such as stamping, cutting, decoration, perforation, bending, etc. This distinguishes roll forming from other techniques such as extruding or squaring. The roll forming process is especially interesting because large series can be made with constant cross-section and accuracy in a relatively short time.


  • roll forming is optimal for profiles with long lengths and in large quantities;
  • Consistent and accurate results;
  • Suitable for various metals;
  • Custom product design and manufacture


Effective roll forming solutions to your complex challenges

The engineers in our Technical Centre of Excellence can translate complex requirements into high quality, effective solutions. We have a team of 50 full time Engineers and Technicians for research and product development, tooling & machinery design, manufacture and technical support. We use the latest advances in computer simulation technology, cutting edge engineering hardware and the skills and knowledge about roll forming solutions of our in-house team. We share our knowledge and experience with our customers or potential customers to develop optimum profiles.

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Overeem stands out in Europe (Hadley Group's European headquarters) through its production of complex thin-walled profiles. Besides blank or zinc-coated steel, we also process special materials such as pre-painted, film-coated or bright-finish stainless steel material with a protective film coating. We can also carry out customized processing steps in-line like: hole punching, notching, embossing and cut to length in our roll forming lines.

  • Roll forming machines can form sheets from 0,3mm to 8mm thick, up to 1.3m wide;
  • Wide range of geometric possibilities
  • Tolerances as low as ±0.15mm
  • In-line welding enables enclosed shapes


UltraSTEEL®: a unique cold rollforming process

Overeem and Hadley Group understand the diverse needs and challenges of our customers. Profiles and products have to be stronger and lighter. That is why Hadley Group developed a brand new roll forming process. We call it UltraSTEEL®.  UltraSTEEL®, is a patented cold rollforming process developed by the engineers of Hadley. By using this cold roll forming process, Overeem's components will have up to 20% more strength and 20% reduction in raw materials. This unique process enables our customers to develop stronger and lighter profiles and components. 

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Do you need a partner that takes a pro-active and collaborative approach to development?

At Overeem we work with customers from across the whole world and several markets. We have a lot of experience with:

- the construction industry, where our products have both structural and non-structural applications;

- the automotive sector, we supply complex and demanding components with valuable weight savings worldwide;

- the industrial sector, where we are a global supplier of high strength, weight-saving and high volume cold roll formed profiles and components;

- The agricultural market, where we developed a range of agricultural roll formed systems offering a unique combination of durability, stability and value.

We develop solutions of the future, working in partnership with your teams. Together we develop and deliver products specific to your particular requirements. 

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Reduce our ecological footprint

Here at Overeem we want to be the best roll forming partner. A good partner also cares about the environment. And it is precisely for this reason that our production sites all over the world are ISO 14001 certified. By obtaining ISO 14001 certification, we confirm that our production and operations comply with all applicable international environmental standards. 

Below is an overview of some of the steps we have taken:

  • We have implemented completely separate waste streams with our own waste collection facility;
  • We are focusing on reducing energy consumption in our production facility;
  • We are minimizing the use of any harmful substances during the production process;
  • With Ultrasteel our patented roll forming process we reduce the use of raw materials with 20%;
  • We have evaluated our suppliers and their policies regarding the environment.


If you want more information about Overeem or our roll forming capabilities or roll forming machines? Please contact us. Our engineers will be happy to help you.


Overeem will be Hadley

Overeem will be Hadley's European headquarters from 2020.
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