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Integrated processes

Overeem manufactures products using a large number of fully automatic production lines. Our production lines boast high quality and performance. Moreover, we are also able to add a range of integrated tooling processes. This allows us to manufacture a high quality product at low cost and with short delivery times.


Customer names, logos, production numbers, etc. can be applied to the profiles by laser printing, embossing and inkjet printing.

3D bending

Overeem is able to produce 3D bends in various roll-formed profiles as an integrated part of the production process. This saves on the need for additional finishing work.

Customer-specific processes

Overeem can integrate customer-specific processes and finishing work within the production process. This avoids the need for extra processes, reducing the integral cost price.

Laser welding

Overeem uses in-line laser welding to produce closed profiles with high torsional rigidity. The increased rigidity means the wall thickness can be reduced, resulting in a weight saving. Very little heat is applied in the laser welding process, allowing for the production of profiles with extremely narrow tolerances.

In-line packaging

Overeem has also integrated a number of packaging functions within the process. This allows us to package your product very efficiently and effectively, taking into account the specifics of your product.

Perforation, embossing and cutting to length

Overeem will apply extremely accurate perforations and embossments to roll-formed profiles, precisely in line with your requirements. Overeem uses a guillotine in a profile-specific stamp to cut profile lengths. As a result minimal burring is produced, eliminating the need for additional finishing work. The stamp travelling mechanism means the process runs continuously.

Overeem will be Hadley

Overeem will be Hadley's European headquarters from 2020.
Would you like to know more about this name change and the possibilities of Hadley worldwide?
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