From a chicken shed to an ultramodern company

Overeem started in 1921 in Scherpenzeel as a smithy, making horseshoes, cartwheel hoops and stove parts. The first profile machine was acquired for the production of bicycle chain cases. It is interesting to note that the dynamism of the company increased in parallel with the increase in mobility in the Netherlands. The products for horses, carts and bicycles were succeeded by decorative frames for mopeds and then parts for the automotive industry.

The company decided to focus on roll forming because there was a demand for this technology. We discovered that it can be used in almost all market sectors.



Our knowledge of this technology now makes us a firmly established European supplier of thin-walled profiles.

Overeem, which was once a small smithy with a shed on the Dorpsstraat of Scherpenzeel, now has a large and ultramodern complex on the ‘De Kievitsmeent’ industrial estate in Ede. In 1988 Overeem ceased to be a family company. Since then until 2015 we have belonged to the listed company Aalberts Industries NV.

From 1 December 2015 Overeem belongs to the Hadley Group. Hadley Group is the largest manufacturer of cold rolled metal components and profiles in the United Kingdom and is internationally renowned.


Overeem will be Hadley

Overeem will be Hadley's European headquarters from 2020.
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