Distinguished visitors for Overeem

The mayor of Ede Cees van der Knaap and members of the municipal executive paid a visit to Overeem on Tuesday 16 February 2016.

Takeover of Overeem

Overeem was taken over by the UK-based Hadley Group in December. In total there are now more than 600 employees roll-forming profiles, in particular thin-walled, pre-lacquered profiles. Overeem produces these profiles for sectors including the automotive industry, the lighting industry, the construction industry, and the machine building industry.

Future prospects for Overeem

Overeem has plenty of plans for the near future with the aim of bringing about considerable growth. To achieve this, well-trained employees are required. We discussed the current labour supply within the regional labour market as well as the positive developments in this regard at a regional level.
After the discussion, the mayor and the members of the municipal executive were given a tour of Overeem.

Overeem BV

Radonstraat 16
6718 WS Ede NL
0031 (0)318 697 811